Artist Seth Haverkamp

Detail of Foust, by Seth Haverkamp

Detail of Faust, by Seth Haverkamp

Tonight I attended an opening of a show by artist Seth Haverkamp.  It was jam-packed with attendees and fans of Seth’s luscious works.

The show was a mix between still lifes, some delightful figure studies, portraits and large works which showcased Seth’s talent painting the figure.

Detail, artist Seth Haverkamp

Detail, artist Seth Haverkamp

One of the pictures that drew me in was a large portrait of a blond child in a dark background.  It’s titled Faust and it’s beautiful, quiet and still.  I had the feeling it captured the child in a rare moment of standing still or that Faust had asked a very serious question and was awaiting the viewers response.

Essie, by Seth Haverkamp

Essie, by Seth Haverkamp

There were several beautiful paintings of women there.  The host, Kathy, had commissioned Seth to paint her daughter’s portrait and it held pride of the place.  It had all the coltish elegance and insouciance of  a young lady who has is just crossed the line into adulthood.

Seth had several other larger paintings of women, two really caught my eye.   This is a detail of one, I don’t know the title of the painting but this is so luminous I had to post it.

Another painting that stopped me and a friend in our tracks was this delicate one of the artist’s daughter, Essie.  I don’t know what Essie is looking at and there is something so sweet about the pose that I really want to know what she saw.  The background on this is a rich deep umber that seems layered and hazy but serves as a perfect counterpoint to this sweet moment that Seth masterfully captured.

I’d like to thank our host, Kathy for a wonderful evening of art and good cheer but especially for providing such a lovely setting to view Seth’s newest works.


3 responses to “Artist Seth Haverkamp

  1. hey, i’m seth’s sister. this is so generous of you to post this about seth! thank you! you also detailed some of my very favorites!!!!

  2. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks for stopping by. Seth is a tremendously talented artist and I was happy to see his show.

  3. sorry I live so far away otherwise I would have been there.
    These are 3 gorgeous paintings; good luck on continuing. Also, thanks to your host; she does believe in you as does your family.

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