Craft Versus Art

I’ve been taking lessons in another creative venue which I’ve really hesitated to post about here.   So far it’s been fun starting from scratch to learn how to do something. I honestly have made anything decent enough to post with this craft, but as soon as I do I post it.

I have noticed that getting excited about this has spilled over into my painting.  I missed several of Rob’s classes and started on one painting (second to the last class of the term) with a vengeance.  It was a really good start and then I added color /gah.  It might be fixable but I’m not sure when/if we’ll have that model again.

On a different angle-I’m currently in Denver visiting my sister and having fun.  We drove into Boulder CO today and just bee-bopped all over the Pearl street shopping district.  I met the greediest/friendliest squirrel (sooo cute!) but didn’t feed him anything.


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