A Port in Any Storm?

Yesterday afternoon a storm hit the metro DC area that was brutal.  I’ve lost a huge limb of the tree out back of my house and I think I’m going to have to have the tree cut down, I post a photo in a bit.

There is a huge limb that fell from my tree and slammed into my neighbor’s fence, shed and is occupying his entire yard.  A tree across the alley shed a huge branch with totaled my neighbor’s truck as well and his next door neighbor’s car as well.

When I say huge, I mean these branches weigh between 300-400lbs at least.  Several were tossed 20-40 feet in the air.

I was at work when all this happened.  I noticed it had gone grey/dark and looked out a window,  At first I thought it was snowing.  Turns out I was looking at small hail flinging about sideways.  When I checked the weather forecast on the net it said max of 37 mph winds.  Yeah, 37 mph my Uncle Bob.

So I had no power and my street looked like a war zone.  It took well over an hour just to get home on the metro.

Today was cleanup day, I took my truck into the back alley and two neighbors and I loaded 4 truckloads of limbs into my trusty Toyota.  I then drove to the front of the house and left them curbside so the city can deal with them.  We cleaned out as much as we could of our yards and even the pain in the butt neighbor’s yard so she wouldn’t have to deal with it.

I was a good citizen today.


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