Silverpoint 6 Aug 10

Silverpoint drawing on prepped surface (moleskins)

We had a great model for class last night.  He was placed in an awesome pose that reminded me of a spanish bullfighter, cocky and so very proud.

I was to his right so most of his back was in shadow and his torso was in profile.  The majority of his chest and arm are in shadow and the arm is foreshortened as well, so what might seem like is lower belly is actually his forearm and hand.

Not certain how well this will read but figured I should post it.


3 responses to “Silverpoint

  1. Lovely drawing and your description of the Green Room painting by Sargent is spot on…I would imagine it goes unnoticed by most visitors as it hangs so high on the wall. Cheers -Ken

  2. Thank you so much Ken! I was lucky enough to see the white house again last week (for the Christmas trees) and it was really exciting to be allowed to wander around and to photograph what we wanted. The Sargent painting is just as beautiful as ever!

  3. Lovely drawing. I’m curious how you prep the paper in your moleskine. I’ve been doing my drawings on watercolor paper with the Golden brand silverpoint ground. I’ve never thought of trying it on moleskines.

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