Another Year Older

My sister is in town visiting, we had our birthday recently and its been wonderful celebrating with her. She used to claim to be the oldest, but once we hit 40 (which hurts when it hits back!) but since she’s in my timezone she’s once again older than me. So order is once again restored to the world!


3 responses to “Another Year Older

  1. Happy Birthday to you both. I hope you get to have cake (or pie, or cup cakes, or whatever you fancy) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with nary a blink of regret. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  2. That’s a lie! Well, I am home and coughing in the firey smoke from Four Mile Canyon…. and you are now, Miss EST, older once again!

    The week was wonderful and I love you!

  3. Hey Belinda,
    Thank you for the kind wishes.
    Webgecko and I both survived the visit 😉

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