Sitting Out & Eye Candy

Back Study, silverpoint

Back Study, silverpoint

I’ve finally realized the hard way that I am not superwoman.   Not even close. I’ve had some health issues (nothing serious just colds I can’t shake) so I finally decided to sit out a term for Rob.

I hate getting out of the grove but in the fall I only made every other class so it seemed best to just take a break and come back in the spring.

I love this drawing.  I drew it during an upper torso anatomy class with Rob and its one of my favorites.



2 responses to “Sitting Out & Eye Candy

  1. I’m glad you are back – I missed looking at your work, your comments and the information about various art events. This is definitely a good torso study – one observation, the left hip seems too abbreviated – maybe he, the model was very thin and perhaps I’m too picky. All in all a tremendous study that anyone would be happy to claim as the fruit of their labors.

  2. Hi David
    The angle looks off because of the model’s pose as well as were I sat in relation to him. This particular model has about 2% or so body fat. When he flexes you can actually see the grain of the muscles under his skin.

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