Urban Sketching

Well I am starting to get out and about in Portland.  I know I’ve lived here for almost a year so it’s sad it’s taken me this long to start exploring.

Bill Sharp sent me a notice that the Portland Urban Sketchers were meeting last weekend and I decided to head down to the river and try my hand at drawing in public.

The people were lovely, everyone meet, introduced themselves and then we all wandered off.  I was attracted to a midrise condo building that was on the adjacent to the I5 bridge crossing the Willamette.   I drew it in a way too light pencil and later went back in with a micron pen.

urban sketching


We all met back at 12ish and had a quick look at everyone’s work.  It was interesting seeing how different scenes spoke to each artist.  Many drew or painted the Hawthorne Bridge.  One lady did a watercolor of the same buildings I drew-I loved her painting…she really nailed it.

After meeting up the second time, we went and had a quick lunch.  I was fortunate enough to sit next to a lady named Rosa who allowed me to browse through her sketchbook.  It was filled with stamps/drawings from other artists as well has her own drawings.  She drew the Hawthorne bridge with a ballpoint pen and it was gorgeous!








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