Friday Night Class

Finally made it to class this Friday.  I’ve been fighting a summer cold on and off this month and last.  Thank you random traveler on the flight home from Denver.  Your willingness to share a ton of germs with me caused me to miss more than a week of work and a ton of misery.

Ok back to class.

I always have a hard time shifting from painting to drawing and back again.  Maybe it was the fact that I’d missed the first two classes, but I was able to settle in pretty quickly.

We had a new model (in every sense, he’d never modeled before) and he did a great job. I liked that he had a build like normal people, so that made it more difficult to render what was going on with his abdomen but made it kind of fun as well.

I decided to work in silverpoint but did make a few quick gesture sketches to warm up.  I also made a conscious decision (after one false start) to focus on one area of the body for the evening.  This turned out to be the way to go.

My drawing wasn’t the best thing going, at the same time it didn’t completely suck.  Silver point is hard to photograph but I will try to get a better picture/


Knitting is Fun

Ok it is when everything goes right.  I’m learning that I need really good light and no distractions to knit on my lace swatch project.  I think most of the sampler is quite easy to experienced knitters but I’m still trying to learn to read a chart and pay attention to what I am doing…while the cat runs across my lap or friends are phoning.

I thought I’d be in over my head, and I am a bit but I keep sticking with it.  This weeks lace panel was almost as difficult as the first weeks no idea why.

Lace Swatch 3

Lace Swatch 3 (Vines)

What I’ve Been up to…Lately

I have a fun part-time obsession now-it’s knitting.  Yes you read that right.  I grew up crocheting and made a huge afghan during snowzilla in January.

When I am visiting old town (Alexandria VA)  I’d always walk by a really neat yarn shop and ladies (and some guys every now and again) would be sitting inside shop the shop knitting and crocheting away.

So I decided that this was the year I learned to knit.  So far I’ve knitted a hat/slouchy beret and two kinda cute baby sweaters for friends.  But my real obsession and the only reason I wanted to learn to knit at all was so I could learn to knit lace.  To friends I’ve mentioned that to (at least the ones who didn’t ask what the hell was wrong with me since that’s an ‘old lady’ thing”) look at me and ask why not take up tatting.  The answer to that is simple.  I’d like to keep my eyesight thank you very much.

Ok, so here is the only lace I’ve knitted so far.  I’m participating in a group knit along and we’re knitting samplers that will eventually be a stole.  Since I am new to knitting this thing took forever even though its’ only 46 stitches wide and 68 rows tall.  I’ve had to rip it out about 4-5 times and rip out pattern rows numerous times.

It’s still not quite right, but I have to say that it’s magical pinning this and seeing some of the pattern revealed.

Lace Swatch One

Lace Swatch One

I hesitated posting this here, but frankly I am really enjoying this so what the hell.

Cloudy and Hot

Visiting some very close friends out west.  Although its mind-numbingly hot here (ok it’s not as hot as DC) but cloudy-the day is beautiful in a weird way.   BTW, the mountains in the distance are the Flat Irons.

Colorado Front Range

Colorado Front Range

Craft Versus Art

I’ve been taking lessons in another creative venue which I’ve really hesitated to post about here.   So far it’s been fun starting from scratch to learn how to do something. I honestly have made anything decent enough to post with this craft, but as soon as I do I post it.

I have noticed that getting excited about this has spilled over into my painting.  I missed several of Rob’s classes and started on one painting (second to the last class of the term) with a vengeance.  It was a really good start and then I added color /gah.  It might be fixable but I’m not sure when/if we’ll have that model again.

On a different angle-I’m currently in Denver visiting my sister and having fun.  We drove into Boulder CO today and just bee-bopped all over the Pearl street shopping district.  I met the greediest/friendliest squirrel (sooo cute!) but didn’t feed him anything.

Test post

Hello, this is one of my cats.  He’s sitting on the afghan I made during the snowzilla fest in DC this January.  I’m trying to figure out how to link photos via a blog so please ignore the picture (unless you love cats, cat managled afghans or siamese cats!).
scooter approves

scooter approves

Awash in Nashville

I am currently stuck in poor soggy Nashville TN and trying to get back home.