Ocean Park at the Corcoran



Although I am not a huge fan of nonrepresentational modern art I have my moments. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that some works have a great effect on me. Rothko, Miro, Close and Diebekorn come to mind.

I guess I love Diebenkorn’s work because I understand where these works are starting from. They are large landscapes, reduced to their most basic forms of shape and color. And oh what color, they scintillate and vibrate. They remind me of all the times I’ve flown over the Midwest; fall and towards sunset are the best season and time for viewing. If I squint and scritch my eyes I can almost see the landscape in those shapes and colors that Diebenkorn captured.

I am so excited that DC is one of the stops for this show. If you live within driving distance of DC I urge you to stop in and be prepared to be utterly wowed.

The Ocean Park series by artist Richard Diebenkorn can be viewed at the Corcoran Museum in Washington DC from now until September 23rd. I just purchased tickets online. If you use code 2Oceanpark you will receive a $2 dollar discount when purchasing your tickets online.


3 responses to “Ocean Park at the Corcoran

  1. Although I do like a lot of non-representational painting, I feel the same way about Diebenkorn. I really love his figurative work and I find it very interesting to see the kernel of the Ocean Park pieces in those early works.

  2. Will the show be anywhere in your area? DC is the only east coast stop-so I guess that’s one great advantage about living here.

    How have you been Bill?

  3. I just now saw your reply to my comment. Sorry. The show didn’t come near here but Diebenkorn is originally from Portland.

    I’m not really doing that well, frankly. It’s been very hard year for me. I hope you’re well though.

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