Between Realities

If you will be in Old Town Alexandria Virgina Friday (22nd of January) please make an effort to stop in to see the work of some amazing artists from the Broad Street Studio for their Between Realities show at the Principle Gallery.  The show begins at 6:30pm and will continue until 9pm.

The Broadstreet Studio website, states they were founded by artist Jason John, Brian Martin and Joshua Suda.

To make this clear, we highly respect the old masters for their technique and what they have given to the history of art for the sake of progress. But in today’s artwork, with artistic movements ranging from all facets of life and the human residue. We choose painting, not because we want to be a new old master, for what ever that means. This medium gives us the greatest ability to record the strange world we live in. I guess we could take a picture of the man mowing his lawn and run away, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Painting the moments that deviate from the normal is something only a painter understands.

According to the gallery newsletter, “they have gathered a number of nationally renowned painters to participate in the artist-curated exhibition ‘Between Realities’. Artists participating include: Alyssa Monks, Aaron Morgan Brown, Stephen Cefalo, Mikel Glass, Robert Jackson, Daniel Sprick, Jon Beinart, Leah Peterson, Will Wilson, Scott Fraser, Lisa Selby, Tim Lowly, Ann Piper, Sarah Petruziello, Denis Peterson, Ben Oddi, Justin Meyers, Monika Malewska, David Lindsay, Jay Davenport, Pamela Sienna, Kate Kretz, Armin Mersmann, Jason John, Joshua Suda, and Brian Martin.”

The Principle Gallery is located at 208 King Street, Alexandria VA 22314.  If you need directions, you can reach them at 703-739-9326.  The closest metro station is the King Street Metro (via the Yellow or Blue Line).

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